Tuesday, 29 November 2011

aNd s0 thE drAma c0ntinuEs.... (Tuition 0h Tuition)

Hell03x t0 my fell0w readers... h0w arE y0u D0ing??? me?? n0t s0 great lately..hahaha

 t0day, i hav another st0ry f0r y0u guys..hehe, s0 it g0es like this,, its been like m0re than a week n0w and i still haven't start my tuition class yet...i've seek my friends help f0r finding it and turns 0ut n0 resp0nse..hmm, im still 'classless' and ive been stuck at home doing my 0wn class.. huhu..bummer huh?? anyways, i f0und 0ne lucky sp0t and pr0blems are... i dnt kn0w h0w the @#$% i get there al0ne.. i w0uld be dead if i have t0 wait until saturday comes...never i would like t0 wait THAT L0NG!!... ive been asking here and there and man... they all dont know where and h0w 0n earth t0 get there.. WTH?? i feel like bursting rite n0w!! arrh!!... y0u guys have n0 idea h0w mad i would be if i have t0 stuck like this... exam's just around the c0rner and i still haven't d0ne anything yet... well n0thing m0re i can say... probably thts all... see ya