Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Intr0ducing....Mar00n5.. (^^)

Hye again my L0yalble readers,bloggers,spammers, and disturbers.. hehe... any new st0ries f0r y0u?? yes i d0 have 0ne.. whts the st0ry?? l00k at the t0pic duh!..tht is wht im g0nna tell y0u.. y0u see, i known this band eversince i was 10 years 0ld 0r so... their s0ngz is s00 c00l and very addicting...they can transfer r0ck s0ngz t0 p0p s0ngz,, smtimes they can add funky tunes into it... but m0stly Maroon 5 is a well-known p0p band where they mix s0me 0f the best mixes of musics and the lyrics is very fun t0 hear and sing t0... t0 be h0nest with y0u readers.. im a mar00n 5 fanatic.. i have all their albums and still waiting f0r any upcoming ones..

s0 let me start 0ff first thing,, meet Adam Levine.. he's the main singer 0f the band, FYI, an0ther reas0n why i l0ve mar00n 5 bcause 0f this guy,, i mean,, he has a r0ckin' v0ice tht will surely kn0ck y0ur underwears 0ff..hahaha.. i always try to impersonate his v0ice whenever mar00n5 s0ngs are played especially s0ngs like She will be l0ved (which i will soon post)... very addictive v0ice..

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 The guy 0n the left here is the s0lo guitarist JaMes Valentine.. he plays the electronic guitar and made an impressive beat f0r the band... his solo i heard when M0ves Like Jagger are on.. he creates a very disco-like funky tunes t0 make the music even more fun to hear.. hahaha

s0 this is Matt Flynn, the band's drummer wh0 makes a great intr0s and nice beat f0r every music.. he has various style 0f playing the drum and his beats suites all their musics well.. great j0b! Matt!!... :) i m0stly dance t0 Give a Little m0re where b0th Matt and James made their introduction... y0u sh0uld hear it!!

Mickey Madden is the second guitarist and plays the bass... hmmm... i dnt kn0w much ab0ut him.. but whatever it is,, hes AWESOME!!!... y0u can tell by his picture(left)

And last but n0t least the band's keyboardist Jesse Valentine.. he plays an electric keyboard which he change into various tunes and melodies f0r each 0f Mar00n5 songs.. i may n0t hear him playing but his tunes are the best..!!,,, usually i hear this during Makes Me W0nder 0r This L0ve... hmm.. maybe thts him

0ne 0f my favourite s0ngz m0stly:

(...M0ves Like Jagger...)
(....She will be l0ved...)   
(...Give A Little More)

Well,, thts all f0r n0w.. h0pe y0u enj0y these vide0s...hehehe see ya (^ L ^)

aNd s0 thE drAma c0ntinuEs.... (Tuition 0h Tuition)

Hell03x t0 my fell0w readers... h0w arE y0u D0ing??? me?? n0t s0 great lately..hahaha

 t0day, i hav another st0ry f0r y0u guys..hehe, s0 it g0es like this,, its been like m0re than a week n0w and i still haven't start my tuition class yet...i've seek my friends help f0r finding it and turns 0ut n0 resp0nse..hmm, im still 'classless' and ive been stuck at home doing my 0wn class.. huhu..bummer huh?? anyways, i f0und 0ne lucky sp0t and pr0blems are... i dnt kn0w h0w the @#$% i get there al0ne.. i w0uld be dead if i have t0 wait until saturday comes...never i would like t0 wait THAT L0NG!!... ive been asking here and there and man... they all dont know where and h0w 0n earth t0 get there.. WTH?? i feel like bursting rite n0w!! arrh!!... y0u guys have n0 idea h0w mad i would be if i have t0 stuck like this... exam's just around the c0rner and i still haven't d0ne anything yet... well n0thing m0re i can say... probably thts all... see ya

Monday, 28 November 2011


hell0 my fell0w readers!!.... t0day i w0uld like t0 tell y0u b0ut a pers0n tht i l0ve s0 much...
Her name is ___ actually.. no need to know.. but you must be wondering why in all the woman or girl in the face of this earth i would choose and love her?? well,, its simple.. first, she's always happy and loves to laugh..A LOT... second, we have s0 many in c0mm0n likes...whatever i like she likes it too... n0 wonder we made such crazy friends..hahahaX...third, she likes to nonsense sometimes.. but its okay coz I LIKE T0 N0NSENSE TOO!!!... she likes purple...which i think it suits her personality of being such a purplish girl.. hmm,, everytime we talk... we always say wish you were here... actually its a song she gave.. so, its like thts wht been keeping us together all the time... me and her?? we make a pretty good team coz our chemistry is soo perfect... 2 0f us!!...we are FEARLESS!!...ready t0 take on the world anytime!!.. well,, now i will tell you why i call her jes.. bc0z,, she reminded a l0t of a character i found in a novel named jes... Jes here refers to a happy-go-lucky attitude and her hilarious act which calms most of the people's heart... she is exactly like that and my heart is always tamed and calm whenever im with her... somtimes its hard to be seperated though... but,, thts wht makes us STRONGER,,, living on our own for a while then get back together like before... i cherished every single moment with her and she does too... to be h0nest with y0u readers.. i miss her s000 much... we haven't talk for quite some time now...eversince were busy struggling for success... we haven't communicating except sending messages and read it all by ourselves.... in fact,, one day im gonna run at her and tell her how much i need her right now... i just can't help myself to tell her H0W MUCH I MISS HER...she probably miss me too... no matter h0w dead busy we are... our hearts are still connected to each other... well  i want to say thank you so much JES... ur support and courage has given me strength to face the day alone.... i pr0mise myself tht i will never leave you and i will l00k for you once im finished studying one day..... and... i always miss you even when im not with you,,, IM WITH YOU... thts all!!....byeee...

<3<3<3 alwaysmissmyjes!! <3<3<3

Saturday, 26 November 2011


Hey guys... welc0me back,, y'knw?? ever wondered why y0u have this s0rt 0f feeling 0f LONELINESS??
well... i having tht rite now usually i feel s0 happy n0w... my heart is full of loneliness and emptiness,, i guess i feel like im about to be left by s0me0ne or maybe im just l0sing everything... anyway i knw smtimes its hard t0 face the facts tht smthing might turn you down... but i accept it even its bitter to swallow... well,, h0pe y0u enj0y this video i p0sted... (^^) see ya later....

mY cRaZy DayZ... (LifE aT thE h0teL)

hey guys, whtsup?? well to tell you some of my 'WHACKED' experiences is the bum3... h0tel. okay so what? i kinda wake up late today and suddenly i fell from my bed and hurt my head...hahaha..thts n0t all, i listen t0 the radio and they played Wish you were here.. at first i felt nothing,,, but as the song goes on and on... boy DO I FELT SOMTHING.... i kinda like... shed tears while doing my maths until its all soaked... hehe,, then we went out for a while well nthing happens until i barely slip from the bathroom floor... ooh, after the dinner... thE rEal Crazy happens.. s0me h0t perf0rmers sang the 'Wish You Were Here' song again!!!... surely i sang my heart out but then i went inside the bathroom and get myself WET for turning the shower wrongly... n0w,, im sitting here and shiver myself t0 death because im direct positioning myself infront 0f the air-conditioner... anyways,,, i happen t0 end all tht misery with a SMILE :).... hahahaha... whts gonna happen next?? lets hope the bed w0nt bl0w up when i sleep... otherwise....