Saturday, 26 November 2011

mY cRaZy DayZ... (LifE aT thE h0teL)

hey guys, whtsup?? well to tell you some of my 'WHACKED' experiences is the bum3... h0tel. okay so what? i kinda wake up late today and suddenly i fell from my bed and hurt my head...hahaha..thts n0t all, i listen t0 the radio and they played Wish you were here.. at first i felt nothing,,, but as the song goes on and on... boy DO I FELT SOMTHING.... i kinda like... shed tears while doing my maths until its all soaked... hehe,, then we went out for a while well nthing happens until i barely slip from the bathroom floor... ooh, after the dinner... thE rEal Crazy happens.. s0me h0t perf0rmers sang the 'Wish You Were Here' song again!!!... surely i sang my heart out but then i went inside the bathroom and get myself WET for turning the shower wrongly... n0w,, im sitting here and shiver myself t0 death because im direct positioning myself infront 0f the air-conditioner... anyways,,, i happen t0 end all tht misery with a SMILE :).... hahahaha... whts gonna happen next?? lets hope the bed w0nt bl0w up when i sleep... otherwise....