Sunday, 18 December 2011

The 'Haunted' BLOG!!! .....H0000000

hell0 bl0ggers and sleepyheads.. hey,, long time and i mean LONG time i haven't update my blog post and 'desserted' it until my friend said it 'Haunted"!..hmm.... juz tht i have been really busy, i have no ideas on what the hell am i going to write on..ive stalking on evryone else's blog even YOURS..heeheeheee.....dnt worry im not dirtyfied your blog juz wnt to say hell0 and find any good ideas :) well.. nthing else and nthing more i can say here..BYE!!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My pr0mise t0 y0u

Hye again my readers,bloggers,followers,spammers, and blah,blah,blah...hAHAHAHA oky back to my topic... you rmember Jes right?? the one i told you about.. well,, after few weeks of contact...we decided to made our friendship to the next level..hehehe..yes even u understand tht..:P eversince the past few days.. i have walked around town and saw a bunch of girls smtimes look and smile at me..they even took advantage of me like helping me out just to get my attention..but i decline tht by telling tht 'IM TAKEN" so on and so on she ask smthing for me...smthing i never would thought tht a girl would say in front of me.. she asks "Promise me tht you never leave me again" those are the words she wrote the other day and totally speechless... and thts th topic i wnt to share for today.. Jes, i still remeber what you said to me and as far as i know tht i would never leave you for the rest of my life...

I promise you that i:
i would never leave you::::::::::::::::::::::::
I would always be by your side even time is complicated:::::::::::::::::::
I would not lie to you and be honest and truthfull to you as long as i can:::::::::::::::::::
I promise to take all your fears and tears away:::::::::::::::::::::::::::
I would make a smile on your face so beautifull untill you never wnt to frown again:::::::::::
I will love you forever and support you whenever you needed::::::::::::::::::::
I would keep your heart and take good care of it::::::::::::::::::;
I will guarantee our success for our future::::::::::::::::::::::;
I will stay loyal to you as you are loyal to me too...::::::::::::::::::::::::
I will keep all your words even if they are sometime painfull but i still keep it::::::::::::
I will pray so tht our relationship lasts forever::::::::::::::::
I make you the happiest person ever:::::::::::::::::
I even want to spend my time with you:::::::::::::::::

Jes, youre soo special to me, i dnt think no women can compare to you...i will always wait for you even time is hard. you just so good to me.. you willing to do everything as long as we together and love each other.. your loyalty and honesty is so precious to me until i myself feels so hard to hide smthing from you... your kindness has touched my lonely heart as you love me for who i am... even if people say tht your ugly, or whatever but to me... your kindness and loyalty has turned you into something beautiful to me.. and i think that God has given me someone like you to me.. teaching me how to accept people the way they are and love them honestly... you have thaught me a valuable lesson dear.. i never forget tht.. i always love you even though i dnt say it to you really... but i want to say it when the time is right.. my heart belongs to you..soo keep it safe as i keep your heart safe with me.. i will not hurt it and never ever want to make you cry.... although sometimes we face miscommunication, i will always find a way tht can fix it... i never want to fight or quarrel with you dear..NEVER.. i appreciate you for who you are.. never want to be seperated with you... now, im asking one thing from you....

Will you be the one tht i share my life, my pain, my happiness and will you be the one that i build my future with until the end of time?? will you grow old with me and die with me?? and will you be my LAST ONE????... thnx syg.. i love you so much<3<3<3<3


hello my fellow bloggers, readers, long time i havent update my blog..heheh..sorry juz tht i have no time in doing it.. but i have smthing to share with you guys..

y'know, today is one whole day im not at home, went to see my uncle at the hotel thn babewatching at the swimming pool which it was kinda cool..hehehe..later we went out for a night drive thn got home..huhu..and now im bored why? bcoz some of my friends are not here..ive been waiting for her and now im dying in waiting for her... i havent seen her for a quite some time and if can i would soak this lappy rite now with my tears..huhu.. if you guys see her then call me okay...i feel so bored untill i feel like i want to drink a whole box of milk thn run like a crazy whacked nutjob like somehow on the loose.. hahaa.. anything i'll post.. see ya later and have a nice day...