Wednesday, 14 December 2011


hello my fellow bloggers, readers, long time i havent update my blog..heheh..sorry juz tht i have no time in doing it.. but i have smthing to share with you guys..

y'know, today is one whole day im not at home, went to see my uncle at the hotel thn babewatching at the swimming pool which it was kinda cool..hehehe..later we went out for a night drive thn got home..huhu..and now im bored why? bcoz some of my friends are not here..ive been waiting for her and now im dying in waiting for her... i havent seen her for a quite some time and if can i would soak this lappy rite now with my tears..huhu.. if you guys see her then call me okay...i feel so bored untill i feel like i want to drink a whole box of milk thn run like a crazy whacked nutjob like somehow on the loose.. hahaa.. anything i'll post.. see ya later and have a nice day...